Emanuel’s Constitution and Bylaws

Emanuel’s Constitution and Bylaws were overwhelmingly approved at the Special Congregational Meeting held on Sunday, September 17.  The documents are the result of many meetings, many hours of work and prayerful consideration.  Many thanks go to Pastor Mark, Deacon Kevin, Rex Parrott, Betty Anderson, Harlan Needham;  the board directors: Amy Pirnstill, Christy Penrod, Heather Smith, Ann Thomas, Carolyn Parrott, Bobb Davies, Michele Rankin, Judy Lehner, Rick Varner, and all of the board members  –  for their time and effort in reviewing and recommending these changes.  Thanks also goes to the office staff for their assistance in this process.  Matt Primmer

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Emanuel Constitution – Amended & Ratified 09-17-2017

Emanuel Bylaws – Amended & Ratified 09-17-2017