Historical Timeline of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Marion, Ohio

Evangelical Lutheran Salem Church was organized in 1874. For a number of years the congregation was a struggling mission. At first it was served by the pastors of the Prospect Congregation, Revs. Humberger, Hoffman and Simon. It was later united to the Marion County Churches including Trinity and St. Paul and served by Revs. Mueller, Sutter and Hecht.

Worship services the first year were held in the basement of a Methodist Church on the corner of Center and State Streets and then for a number of years in the United Brethren Church on S. Prospect St.

The Reverend M.C. Hecht was installed as pastor, coming from the seminary in Columbus. The congregation purchased a lot at the northeast corner of South State and Columbia Streets. Plans were made to build a new building.

August 25 – The corner stone was laid.

May 16 – This building was dedicated. The building was a great undertaking for the small congregation.

August 15 – Emanuel received their article of incorporation from the State of Ohio under the name Emanuel’s Evangelical Lutheran  Congregation.

The Reverend A.L. Nicklas was installed as pastor.

The Reverend E.F.W. Stellhorn was installed as pastor, coming from West Alexandria, Ohio.

March 15 – the right to vote on all church matters was given to ladies over 21.

The Reverend J.W. Schillinger was installed as pastor, coming from Sandusky, Ohio.

February 21 – The present property on S. Prospect was purchased to build a much needed larger church. The ground was broken on September 6.

May 13 – the corner stone was laid. It took two years and two days to complete the  church, at the total cost of $73,664.92. The general plan of the building follows the ancient custom of the church. It is in the form of a cross. The architecture is the pure Gothic type. The windows in the auditorium are all imported, antique glass; and they are done in the old technique or 13th century style. All the windows are set in natural stone tracery. The furniture of the auditorium and chancel is built of selected, quarter sawed white oak, elaborately carved in designs true to the Gothic period.

September 8 – at 9:30a.m. the Rev. M.C. Hecht preached the final sermon in the old church on the corner of S. State and Columbia Streets. Then the congregation marched in procession to the new church, where they sang “Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty.” The Reverend A.L. Nicklas delivered the dedicatory sermon at the new church building.

Minnie Ackerman replaced Louisa Ruthardt  as organist.

March 29 – John F. Lust, the last charter member died.
April 6 – the final worship service in German.
May 27 – the Congregation resolved to erect a new parsonage at the cost of $9,877. The lot had been purchased in 1922 at the cost of $7,200.

October 3 – Pastor J.W. Schillinger left Emanuel after 28 years of service to become President of the Ohio District.
November 7 – The Reverend Martin E. Hollensen was installed as Pastor, coming from Eaton, Ohio

January 31 – the first live radio broadcast of the Sunday morning 10:30a.m. worship services was initiated. This was started by a grant of $500, given by Raymond Roecker. Joe Peters engineered this program faithfully.

May 3 – the new fourth floor, $255,000 educational building was dedicated. It included general offices, a lounge, church school classrooms, kitchens, and a 200 seat addition to the sanctuary.

A $60,000 drive headed by Carlton Case provided for air-conditioning and the renovation of the church organ. Rev. Hollensen was presented an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree by Capital University.  He published the book, “Is It True?” summarizing Dr. Hollensen’s lectures on the fundamentals of Christianity.

June 5 – Dual Sunday morning worship services at 8:a.m. and 10:30a.m. were initiated.

The South Parking Lot was purchased with proceeds of a $100,000 fund drive headed by Carleton Case. Dr. & Mrs. Hollensen were presented with a Holy Land tour in appreciation of 25 years of service to Emanuel.

March 13 – The first Annual Communion Service for shut-ins was held under the chairmanship of Mr & Mrs Carl Campbell.
July 17 – A special service marked the 50th anniversary of the ordination of Rev. Merton Baseler and the 35th anniversary of the ordination of Dr. Hollensen.

Pledges totaling $202,000 were obtained in a campaign headed by Jack Bull. Proceeds were used for an elevator, parking, redecorating, building repair, carpeting, and protection of art glass windows.

November 14 – Dr. Harold Yochum, retired president of Capital University, delivered the sermon at a service in which the congregation gave Dr. & Mrs Hollensen life use of a residence in Chateau Ridge.

December 31 – Dr. Hollensen preached his farewell sermon, retiring after serving Emanuel more than 35 years. Membership at year end was 3,467 baptized and 2,309 confirmed members.

February 4 – The Reverend James A. Rave was installed as pastor, coming from Springdale, Ohio.
June 17 – Dr. Hollensen was named pastor emeritus.
August 26 – Reverend David L. Augenstein was installed as associate pastor.
December 24 – Dual Christmas Eve Candlelight services were initiated

October 26 – The Chapel, Library, and the Lounge were dedicated.
June 22 – Reverend Henry Seibert was installed as Associate Pastor.

March – Mrs William (Minnie) Ackerman retired as organist after serving 56 years. Beverly Quaintance replaced her.
September 15 – Allan Lust replaced Mrs. Quaintance. Sandra Becker serves as assistant organist.

August – Reverend Arnold G. Wulff installed as Associate Pastor.

Pastor James A. Rave left Emanuel to become Bishop of the Northwestern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
November 2 – Reverend J. Weston Jones was installed as Senior Pastor.

September 11 – Reverend Robert Carlson installed as Associate Pastor.

Thursday Evening Worship service was initiated.
Emanuel Child Care was established.

November 18 – Dedication of the Casavant organ and re-dedication of the sanctuary. Cost of the organ was $356,820. Renovation of the sanctuary including refinishing the pews, woodwork and ceiling, new chancel hardwood floors, painting and gold leaf, new aisle carpets, chancel lighting, and sound system places the total project at nearly $500,000.

July 5 – Reverend Robert A. Gordon installed as associate pastor.

Pledges totaling more than $302,700 were obtained in a campaign headed by Lois Stone and Jack Bull. Proceeds were used to replace the air conditioning system, to complete funding for the new organ,  parking lot repair and new lighting, educational building window replacement for handicap accessible restrooms, and replacement of kitchen equipment.

December 1 – Reverend Dawn Spalding Donato installed as associate pastor.

1997 – 1998
Vicar William E. Maki served as an intern.

June 12 – Reverend Maki was ordained and installed as Associate Pastor.

January 16 – 9:30a.m. Contemporary Worship Service was initiated.

May 8 – Reverend Mark Schuring was installed as Associate Pastor.

Living the Legacy Today and Tomorrow Campaign to raise $1,200,000: renovation of the sanctuary: plaster repair and painting, floor repair and refinishing, pew upholstering; sound system upgrades; stained glass window repairs and lexan covers; electrical repair and upgrade, contingency.
April – Emanuel’s web site was set up.   www.emanuellutheran.net

June – As part of the renovation project, the wing was restored to the original 1952 design, that being a meeting/greeting space. It is called The Gathering Space.
August 16 – Dedication of the renovation project.
September 20 – Reverend J. Weston Jones retired, preaching his final sermon. Retirement date, November 1.
December 13 – Reverend Mark Schuring was installed as Senior Pastor.

June 5 – Kevin Kehn was commissioned and installed as Associate in Ministry.
November 1 – AIM Molly King served part time open call until October 23, 2011.

August 8 – Gentle Worship Service was initiated by AIM Molly King. Gentle worship is geared for families with individuals who are challenged by special needs and individuals with a disability that prevents them from attending traditional worship services. This 30 minute service, with Holy Communion, is held the 4th Sunday of every month at 1:30p.m.

On Sunday, November 23, a new Digital Sign was dedicated. The sign stands strong and shines brightly in front of Emanuel.