Outreach Programs at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Marion, Ohio

Emanuel Lutheran Church engages in a variety of outreach programs. Below you will find information on some of those programs.

Gentle Worship

Gentle Worship is designed to meet the worship needs of “extraordinary” individuals with a disability that prevents them from attending traditional worship services.  These “extraordinary” folks may be suffering from Down’s Syndrome,  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, may be sightless and/or non hearing, may be Autistic, may have recently undergone medical treatments that have left them frail, may only be mobile with the use of a wheelchair or walker.

There are countless reasons that many folks find it difficult to manage attending a traditional worship service.  These are all the folks that we are hoping to serve with this form of worship.

Gentle Worship services are held the fourth Sunday each month at 1:30pm. The service is only ½ hour in length, and is a simplified form of traditional Lutheran worship of confession, forgiveness, scripture, sermon, creed, prayer, and Holy Communion. There is a more quiet form of music. All hymns are accompanied by the piano.  Attendees are welcome to move about as necessary for their individual comfort.


Food Pantry

Thanks to the members of Emanuel, the church has been able to serve the community with a food pantry that has been solely stocked by the members.  Food is distributed to people in need through referrals from Love INC (740-382-3340).

Free Community Dinner

Volunteers from Emanuel furnish and serve dinner on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  Approximately 100  people are fed through this mission.


Emanuel, together with First Presbyterian, Prospect Street Methodist, and First United Church of Christ use the church parking lots for members to park, decorate their trunks in a Halloween theme, and distribute treats to the neighborhood children.  This event is held on October 31.

Thanksgiving Day Meal

On Thanksgiving Day, the members of Emanuel serve meals of turkey and ham with all the trimmings. This is a free meal for anyone in the community who would like to join us.

Neighborhood Outreach Event  (the first event was held July 31, 2011)

Emanuel, together with First Presbyterian, Prospect Street Methodist, First United Church of Christ, and Trinity Baptist, holds their  Neighborhood Outreach Event before school begins every year. This  event includes: free backpacks and school supplies; head checks for lice with coupons for free hair cuts; free hot dogs, chips and drinks; games; face painting; and games.  Watch for the 2016 event!