Sunday Bulletin & Announcements

Bulletins: Click below for bulletins for our 9:15 Contemporary and 10:30 Traditional Services. Both services are live streamed on our website and Facebook page.

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We Remember with Our Prayers: Marcia Geyer, Nanci Anderegg, Mary Ellen Swartz, Jean Roecker, Paul Burnside, Joan Couts, Debbie Cocherl-Smith, John Hoch, Jane Scroggins, Margaret Iverson, Joyce Baumgartner, Pat Gerfen, Bernard McComb, Kenton Comstock and family, Michelle Schuette, Gerald Rider, Karen Smith, Sandy Mitchell, Josh Brammer, Dan Cocherl, Pammie Richardson, Cindy Binns, Karen, Matt, Kimberly Griffith, Ellie Nelson, Mark Woodrum, Deb Johnson, Vicki Strong Phelps, Doug Wingate, Ken & Peggy Krueger, Steve Varga, Arlene Binns, Carroll Neidhart, Kerry Martin, Ken, Dixie & Larry, Jaime Williams, Tim Pettigrew, Jeremy, Pastor Gilbert Roth, Brandi, and Chris Ranck.

Happy Belated Birthdays to Galen Teel and Elsie Mitchell! Galen celebrated his 91st birthday on February 21 and Elsie celebrated her 90th on February 23rd. Let’s remember Galen and Elsie with our cards and prayers!

Gifts Have Been Given in memory of Bob Lehner by Rosalyn Rush, and the Kyle Family.

Gifts Have Been Given in memory of Shirley Clark by Joan Dietrich, and Alicia Mayes.

A Gift Has Been Given to Child Care in memory of our daughter, Beth Stiltner, on her birthday, by Carl & Becky Sloat.

A Gift Has Been Given in memory of Maxine Rutherford from the Emanuel Lutheran Church Women.

Wednesdays Evening Lent Services – Lenten Dinners will be provided on Wednesday evenings beginning at 5:00p.m., followed by worship in the Sanctuary at 7:00p.m. All are welcome! February 28th the Altar Guild will be providing a lasagna dinner.

Shovel City Improv at Emanuel! Join us after service on Sunday, March 3rd for an Italian Lunch and performance by Shovel City Improv. There will also be a silent auction during the event. If you would like to donate an item to the auction, please contact Cory Shay at 614-595-3379. This is a fundraiser for the Youth Trip to New Orleans, a donation of $20 or more is requested for lunch and the show. Sign-up sheets are in the Gathering Space. The show will begin after lunch at 1:30p.m.

Watchwords – There is a basket of watchwords located in the Gathering Space. Please feel free to draw a personal watchword for inspiration, reflection, or guidance through the new year.

Join us for Book Study! Bishop Daniel has stated 2024 will be the Year of Rest. To join in this process, we will work through “Keeping the Sabbath Wholly – Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, Feasting” by Marva J. Dawn. This book is more about living a holistic spiritual life, and goes far beyond just keeping Sabbath. We will be working through this book for most of 2024. We have in-person gatherings on Thursdays at 11:30a and 5:30p. We also have a virtual session on Sunday nights at 6:30p. If you would like the zoom link for the virtual session, send an email to Pastor Mike.

Feed the Need is currently in need of individually packaged fruit cups and lunch meat. Donations can be placed in the kitchen. Thank you again!

The February 150th Anniversary Display – The Anniversary Display in the Gathering Space is updated each month. Check it out and learn a little about Emanuel’s History!

LGBT & Allies Potluck next Sunday, March 3rd at 6:00p.m. in the Parlor. All are welcome! Bring a favorite dish to share; beverages and table service are provided. Questions? Email or call/text 740-262-2655.

Scholarship Opportunities: High school seniors and current college students are encouraged to apply for the Robert and Margaret Mather Scholarship Fund, Agnes Baldauf Scholarship Fund, and The Hollensen/Dennis Fund if you plan to attend or are already attending an accredited ELCA college or you are pursuing a career in Christian ministry or social services.  This scholarship is open to any young and confirmed Emanuel Lutheran Church member. The Rita Herbst Scholarship Fund  is now available and it is open to any Emanuel member furthering their education in any field or at any educational institution. Applications may be picked up at the church office.  The application and other support information are due no later than Friday March 1, 2024 to the chairperson, Rae Andrews at 379 Brightwood Dr., Marion, OH  43302. 740-387-5432

To Celebrate Black History Month, the Organ Preludes will consist of compositions by African American composers and arrangements of Spirituals throughout February.  This morning’s Prelude consists of the following compositions:

We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder” – Matthew McConnell:  A spiritual in call and response form, it emerged between 1750 and 1825, and was one of the first slave spirituals to be widely sung by White Christians.

“My Lord What a MorningA Meditation by Dennis Janzer:  Filled with apocalyptic imagery, this spiritual, first published in a primitive form in 1801, likely originated in the antebellum North and spread throughout the South, appearing as a slave song in 1867.  Later famously recorded by Marian Anderson and Harry Belafonte, it was adapted as a protest song by Joan Baez in the 1960s.

Listen, God Is Calling (Neno lake Mungu)” – Anne Krentz Organ:  Originating in Kenya, this hymn was often sung before the reading of the Gospel in Tanzania.  It is in call/response form, and was translated and collected by missionary Howard Olson.  Per the Southwood Lutheran Church (Nebraska)’s blog, “African music reflects a close relationship between the cantor and the congregation.  Music is not for someone, but with someone.”

We Are Marching in the Light of God (Siyahamba)” – John Behnke:  First transcribed in 1952, “Siyahamba”, meaning “We Are Walking” or “We Are Marching”, originated as a Zulu chorus, and made its first appearance in a hymnal in 1994.  It is not a protest anthem, but it came to be associated with the anti-apartheid movement, and continues to be viewed as a liberation song up to the present day.

I hope all of the music chosen to honor Black History Month has been meaningful and rewarding as we celebrate the inclusiveness of God’s grace.  All are Welcome in God’s House.

The Week of February 25th at Emanuel:

Sun. 2/25     2:00p.m.      Pastor Mike’s Bible Study

Mon. 2/26    7:00p.m.      PPC Meeting

Tues. 2/27    8:30a.m.      Quilters

6:00p.m.      Praise Team Rehearsal

7:00p.m.      Marionaires

Wed. 2/28    9:30a.m.      Bible Study

5:00p.m.      Lenten Meal

6:00p.m.      Children & Adult Choir

7:00p.m.      Lent Worship

Thurs. 2/29  11:30a.m.     Book Study

5:30p.m.      Book Study

Sun. 3/3        8:00a.m.      Traditional Worship

9:15a.m.      Contemporary Worship

9:15a.m.      Sunday School

10:30a.m.    Traditional Worship

12:00p.m.    Shovel City Lunch & Show

2:00p.m.     Pastor Mike’s Bible Study

6:00p.m.     LGBT & Allies